Will a Home Warranty Cover a Leaking Roof

A home warranty is a contract that covers repairs and replacements for systems and appliances in a home during a specified period. It is usually bought through one of multiple companies and the warranty will pay for you to get certain systems in your home repaired or replaced if they are damaged.

If you are wondering if your home warranty will cover roof leaks, that is an answer that varies depending on what company you use for your warranty. When it comes to your roof, whatever your warranty does not cover, it is likely that your insurance will cover depending on the circumstances.

Does a Home Warranty Cover Roof Leaks?

If you are wondering, “are roof leaks covered by my home warranty?”, then your next step should be looking into your home warranty agreement. In most cases, a warranty will not cover a full roof replacement, but it will cover some kinds of roof leaks. It is imperative that you read your warranty before you contact them about a roof leak because most warranties will not cover long term wear and tear, but it will usually cover damage caused by exterior forces such as strong winds and heavy rain.

Typically, a roof leak covered by home warranty is only for the interior in the home in locations like the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any other living space. Areas that are not completely covered by your roof like a patio or in specific situations such as a leak penetrating a metal roof may not be covered by your warranty.

Differences in Home Warranty Roof Coverage

Whether your home warranty will cover roof leaks can vary depending on what you bought. In some cases, roof leaks are not part of the original package and you may need to pay extra for it. Even with a warranty that covers it, it may only cover up to a certain amount and if your leak goes above that amount, you may be liable for paying whatever is not covered. If the damage is bad enough that the whole roof needs to be replaced, it’s very likely that a warranty will not cover that at all and you’ll have to either turn to your homeowners insurance to pay for it or pay for it out of pocket.

RoofClaim.com Can Help

Not every home warranty has roof leak coverage, but when you get in touch with the expert team at RoofClaim.com, you are getting a million-dollar guarantee for any work we do. So even if your roof needs a repair down the line that your home warranty will not cover, our million-dollar guarantee will pick up the slack!

If you have questions or would like to request more information, contact us via email or convenient online chat.  If you are ready to get started, you can schedule a free inspection to get started fast!

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Does My New Roof Come With A Warranty?

When you’re in the market for a new roof or you’re buying a new house, it’s important that you make sure you know whether or not you have a new roof warranty. Having a warranty is good insurance in case issues arise with your roof that are from the manufacturer or a result of how it was installed.

Do Roofs Come with Warranties?

When you get a complete roof replacement done to your home, you should get a warranty for it, both for the materials that were used and the workmanship done. Roof warranties can vary depending on what manufacturer you buy your supplies from and what kind of contractor you use for your work, but it should be covered for twenty to fifty years depending on what type of materials you used and the details of the warranty.

Can I Get a New Home Roof Warranty When I Buy A House?

If you buy a home that is a new construction, a roof warranty is usually provided through the home builder. However, if you find that the roof of your new construction is leaking, you need to make sure that it is because of something that the warranty will cover such as defective materials or bad craftsmanship. Most problems with roofs on a new construction are structural issues and the warranty may not cover it.

If you’re buying a new house, a roof warranty is not always guaranteed. If the previous owner had a transferable warranty, a type of warranty that automatically transfers to new owners once the sale is complete, then the warranty will transfer to you once the house is sold. However, not every type of warranty will transfer and sometimes transferable warranties will only transfer one time. If it only transfers one time and the homeowner you bought the house from was not the one who got the warranty, your roof may no longer be covered once it’s yours.

RoofClaim.com Can Help You Understand your New Roof Warranty

Whether you are the proud new homeowner of a house that has a roof recently replaced through RoofClaim.com or you have recently installed a new roof through us yourself, RoofClaim.com can help you understand our Million Dollar Guarantee. In addition to supporting you and upholding any relevant manufacturer warranties, we also offer a 2-year labor warranty coverage. We want you to feel supported when you decide to get in contact with us for our nationwide network of expert contractors. That way you feel comfortable with us no matter what work you need done on your roof.

When you get a warranty on a new roof through us and our contractors, we will give you a packet filled with all the information you need to know as well as a way to get in contact with us at any time to answer any questions you may have like, “Do roofs come with warranties?” To get in contact with our team, fill out a request for a free inspection,  send us a message,  or chat about your warranty at any time. Our goal is to make sure you are supported every step of our easy and convenient process!

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What Does a Standard Roof Warranty Cover

One of the most important things you should do when you’re in the process of getting a roof replacement is to read your warranty. It’s crucial to find out if both supplies and workmanship are covered and how long each of those things are covered for because they are considered to be two separate warranties.

When you’re looking over your warranty, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions before you sign any contracts:

  • What are the terms of my warranty?
  • What could potentially void my warranty?
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • What does it cover?

What Is the Average Warranty for a New Roof?

When you get a roof replacement, two types of warranties are typically included. The first comes from the manufacturer of your roof supplies and is automatically included as soon as you make your purchase. Depending on the type of materials you buy, the average warranty on roof shingles can vary. For asphalt shingles, the most common type of roofing material, you’ll get an average of 25-30 years of coverage with your warranty. Some materials, like slate, copper, and tile roofing, can have a standard roof warranty of around 50 years, while wood shake roofs are usually under warranty for about 30 years.

The other type of warranty you get when you get a new roof is the craftsmanship warranty, and that one depends on the contractor you work with. Different companies have different lengths of time that they will cover their workmanship. When you let RoofClaim.com match you with a contractor, you’ll get a two-year labor warranty as well as our Million-Dollar Guarantee. When you start talking to your contractor, request a written explanation of what’s covered and what’s not.

What Does the Typical Warranty on a New Roof Cover?

The typical roof warranty covers either the materials or the labor required to install them. When you’ve received a roof replacement, it’s important to make sure that you have both types of warranties. That way, in the event that your roof receives damage, whether it’s due to a manufacturing defect that has caused your shingles to degrade faster than they should or a leak due to faulty installation, your home will be covered.

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How Long Are Roofs Covered By a Warranty

When you get a roof installed, you will likely receive some type of warranty to cover materials and possibly the workmanship. Knowing your roof warranty length and the other terms will be important so you can protect your warranty. If damage occurs, you’ll need to know how to file an insurance claim and how to submit a claim to your warranty provider for roof repair or replacement. At RoofClaim.com, we specialize in roof inspection services, then matching homeowners with local roofing contractors with solid reputations for workmanship and service.

How Long is the Warranty on a New Roof?

The typical roof warranty length depends on the type of warranty. Two types of roof warranties exist: manufacturer and contractor warranties. It’s crucial to know which type of warranty you have because each offers different protections and promises. It’s also possible to have both types of warranties for your roof.

  • Manufacturer Warranties – Most roof warranties are provided by the company that manufactured the roofing material. Asphalt shingles are a common roofing material, and the typical roof warranty length for asphalt shingles is between 25 and 30 years. Metal and tile roofing warranties may be longer. Check with your manufacturer because some of these warranties may be for 50 years or even a lifetime. Some warranties will reduce the coverage amount as time goes by. Also find out whether your manufacturer warranty is transferrable if you sell your home.
  • Contractor Warranties – Some homeowners also have a contractor warranty in addition to the manufacturer warranty. Contractor warranties typically cover the workmanship only, and the terms can vary greatly. The typical roof warranty length for a contractor warranty will vary depending on the contractor, so check terms carefully.

The RoofClaim.com Hassle-Free Process

RoofClaim.com is a full-service roof repair company network, specializing in assisting homeowners with roof inspections and then matching you with a contractor from our extensive network. RoofClaim.com was built by a contracting company with experience installing more than 50,000 roofs and deep-experience with roof claim projects. You can rest assured that we know the roofing business. Our inspections are performed by live drone or by satellite imagery, both with quick turnaround times. If damage is detected in your roof, we can help you process your claim after you file it with your insurance carrier or warranty provider.

So when you’re wondering, “how long is the warranty on a new roof”, RoofClaim.com can help you navigate the often confusing world of roofing warranties. Call to speak with us or chat with an agent online. We are ready to assist you with both residential and commercial roofing projects, thanks to our streamlined process. Our high-tech AI solutions make it simple for you to track the process from inspection to results to matching with a contractor. You decide how and when you want to be notified of updates, and you can also track all of the progress on our convenient mobile app.

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