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Financing Terms & Conditions

I, (Borrower/homeowner’s name), (hereafter referred to as “Applicant”) explicitly and unambiguously authorize roofclaim.com and its affiliates (hereafter referred to as “RoofClaim”) to request and obtain consumer credit report(s) through credit reporting agenc(ies) chosen by RoofClaim. Applicant understands and agrees that RoofClaim intends to use the consumer credit report for the purpose of evaluating Applicant’s financial readiness to obtain a loan and/or financing, and/or continued readiness thereof. Applicant understands that credit report(s) will be retained by RoofClaim for use by RoofClaim staff and employees. This information will not be disclosed to anyone outside of RoofClaim without Applicant’s consent. In some cases, the data may be accessible to certain types of persons in charge (including but not limited to administration, sales, marketing, advertising, legal, system administration, ect.) or external parties (such as third-party technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies, or advertisement sources). RoofClaim will maintain safeguards (including but not limited to electronic and procedural) in connection with the collection, storage, and disclosure of personal information. By consenting to this agreement, Applicant understands that affiliates, employees, and external parties connected to RoofClaim may interact with Applicant (including but not limited to email, phone, or text message communications) with content, advertising, and services. Regular text message and phone rates may apply. Moreover, Applicant understands that, should Applicant choose to apply for financing through RoofClaim, a revised credit report may be pulled at the sole discretion of RoofClaim, and Applicant hereby consents to the cost and pulling of same. 

Applicant’s signature below authorizes the release to the credit reporting agency of Applicant’s financial information, which Applicant supplied to RoofClaim in connection with such evaluation. This authorization shall be valid as of the date indicated below and shall continue for the duration of any loan or financing agreement hereafter executed. 

Applicant further declares, certifies, verifies, and otherwise states under PENALTY OF PERJURY that Applicant has read the foregoing and that all information provided by Applicant is Applicant’s true and correct information and Applicant has not provided any other individual or entities information other than his or her own. To the extent the law provides, Applicant agrees that RoofClaim will not be liable or responsible for an Applicant providing incorrect or fraudulent information in the execution of this agreement or any other agreement between RoofClaim and Applicant.
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RoofClaim is not a licensed public adjuster under section 626.854, Florida Statutes and does not provide services as a public adjuster for insurance claims.