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We will send out one of our roof replacement experts to do a free, no-obligation inspection. They will evaluate your roof and determine a path forward. Looking for an estimate? At we do not provide estimates or quotes as every home and situation is different. We honor the initial replacement cost value provided by your insurance company.

Did we find damage?

Hail and Wind damage from storms are common in Florida. Take comfort in knowing you are working with Florida’s #1 roof replacement company. Patching or repairing your roof might fix issues in the short-term, but if your roof has already been compromised, it might be time to call the professionals in and replace your roof.

Next we’ll get started on the contract

Our contract serves as the official agreement between the homeowner and that allows us to assist the homeowner in the navigation of the insurance claim process for a full roof replacement. At this time, you will select and confirm your shingle or tile color with your Account Manager.

Assignment of Benefits (A.O.B.) – You may have noticed our contract includes an A.O.B. for your full roof replacement. This is what allows our team to communicate directly with your insurance company and handle the claim on your behalf. With over 41,000 roofs replaced, we are experts in navigating the claims process taking the burden off of you. You still have the right to contact your insurance company, ask questions, and check the progress of your claim.

You are only responsible for paying your deductible and any upgrades.

Shingle home

Insurance adjuster will inspect your roof

Your Account Manager will meet with the adjuster at your property to provide support to the insurance company, answer any questions they may have, and point out damage if needed. The adjuster will determine whether your claim is approved or denied.


Once your claim is approved, we will schedule your roof installation. Your Account Manager will review all homeowner responsibilities in preparation of the install.


Your Account Manager will collect the homeowners deductible and any upgrade costs. At, we are here to assist you from the initial roof inspection and filing of paperwork to the completion of your brand new roof.

Enjoy your new roof

At, our experts help you throughout every step of the claims process. After your new roof has been installed, our team will ensure to remove all debris and materials that are generated by the process of installing your new roof. All of our roof replacement work comes with a 2 year labor warranty.

Let us take the hassle out of your new roof installation.

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