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We are divulging one of our top strategies that has contributed to our success - Outbound Appointment Setting. We can increase your business with our outbound call center and we are ready to share it with you

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Here’s how it works – We acquire targeted lists in zip codes
that meet your service area and then make outbound calls to generate interest and set appointments.

Our contract signed close rate from these appointments range from 25% to 60% and that's just for replacements. Your close rate will be much higher if you do repairs!

Let us help you build a consistent sales pipeline as we have
done for ourselves. Our inside sales team has a proven track record and is vital to our success in setting qualified appointments that have turned into contracts!

Simplify the customer acquisition process

Cut down costs on employees and overhead

Free up time to focus on core business tasks

Here are some tips to help gain more signed contracts with our appointments.

Don't Call The Appointment

Only call the potential customers if they are not home when you arrive at the given address. You do not need to call them beforehand. If you do, we cannot refund you for any cancelled appointments.

Double Check Your Schedule

The homeowner is anticipating your arrival at the appointed time. Make sure your schedule is clear for the specific appointment times. If last minute changes arrive, contact us right away.

What Are Your Damaged Areas

As damages cannot be guaranteed, it is essential that you inform us about the specific areas that have been verified with damage. Approach the customer stating that other homeowners currently have roof damage "in your area".


Do I need appointment setting software?

Yes. Appointment setting software is an essential tool for roofing companies. This allows to stay organized and see the trends for customers requesting appointments.

How do I close more roofing jobs?

First, make sure you have trained and experienced sales closers. Advertise about your process from start to finish and make it as simple for the customer as possible. Lastly, be able to respond quickly to any request.

Why are you selling appointments?

We have the best appointments system in the industry. It is quick and seamless and our close rates show for it. We want you to be able to benefit from that and increase your signed contracts.

Who sets the appointments?

Our state of the art call and sales center. You will never have to wait for assistance.

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