Refer a Friend

To submit a referral to, please follow these steps: Simply enter your name and your email address (where you would like the reward to be issued), then the name of your referral, their phone number, and their address into the referral form. You may enter as many referrals as you’d like!

After installing the referred homeowner’s roof, we’ll send you a $150 Visa gift card via email. 

Terms and Conditions

You must enter your referral before the contract signing.
If the referred has multiple properties, only one referral may be entered. You will not be rewarded for numerous properties owned by one homeowner.
If an advocate reaches $600 in reward funds and chooses to continue receiving rewards, will request a W9 to comply with the Referral Program Tax Compliance. has the right to dispute any referral entries.

NOTE: Referrals are not available in the state of Florida.
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