Increasing Your Curb Appeal With a New Roof


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The right roof is functional and helps prevent leaks, but it also has the right look and color to complement or contrast with other elements of your home, creating a stunning overall appearance.

Your roof has a big job to do. It is the first line of defense your home has against rain, snow, hail, winds and other elements. It keeps your interior in good shape and can even help prevent mold in your attic. Beyond that, your roof can help you control your energy bills by keeping the cold and heat out, and helping you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

Since your roof can take up more than half of the surface area people see when they look at your house, it also has a dramatic impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. The size, shape, color and material of your roof impact the appearance of your entire property.

How Does Roof Color Affect Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is the impression your home makes on visitors or potential buyers. Roofs have a big impact on curb appeal, but unfortunately, problems with the roof can create a negative first impression that can be hard to erase.

If your roof has moss, stains, missing shingles or other visible issues, this can make your whole property look unkempt. With potential buyers, especially, they may not be able to look past a poorly maintained roof, even if the rest of the property is gorgeous. A beautiful roof creates a great first impression and lets visitors focus on all the amenities of the house. An attractive roof suggests a well-cared-for home and pulls the whole look of your property together.

When choosing the right color for your roof, consider the color of your siding. A contrasting color creates a very pleasing appearance. If possible, consider matching your roof color to a small feature on your property. Matching your roof color to your trim, shutter color, door color or other, smaller parts of your home creates a pulled-together look.

Should You Update Your Roof?

You may want to change the look of your roof and curb appeal of your property if:

  • Your roof is past its life expectancy.
  • You are selling and want to improve the value of your home.
  • Shingles are falling off, you have leaks or you see other signs of a failing roof.
  • Your interior ceilings and walls are affected by leaks and other roof problems.
  • Parts of the roof, such as the flashing, are in poor shape.

If you notice any of these issues, contact RoofClaim for a roof inspection. A drone inspection can reveal the true condition of your roof by giving you a detailed, birds eye view and an in-depth report about your roofs condition. With this information, you can make an informed decision about what to do about your roof. Contact RoofClaim to learn about our roof replacement and repair services.

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