Roof Inspection Service

Every RoofClaim project begins with a free roof inspection. Even if you’ve already had an inspection done by another contractor or your insurance company we can provide a valuable second opinion that could be the difference in protection your home needs.

Get a Roof Inspection From Professional Inspectors

A roof inspection provides all the necessary insight and documentation to make educated decisions about your roofing problems.

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In Person Roof Inspections

Our field representatives are trained to inspect roofing systems and identify damage. After each inspection they review their findings, and photos of your roof so you can feel confident about the next steps in the repair process.

Virtual Roof Inspections

Virtual roof inspections offer a convenient way to understand your roofs condition. This new age innovation allows us to review your roof for damage using a drone and then schedule a time that fits your schedule to review our inspection results.
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Guidance, Not Salesmanship

Our goal is to be your trusted roofing advisor so you can make decisions with confidence. Selling you a roof that doesn’t qualify for replacement is bad for everyone. We’re still happy to come out and evaluate your damage, regardless of the outcome.

Common Roof Problems Revealed During a Roof Inspection

Loose, broken or missing roofing material

Blistered, curled or split shingles or tiles

Shingle granules in rain gutters

Rusty metal where the house meets the roof

Loose, missing or corroded flashing

Depressions near vent pipes, or gaps in flashing

Your Free Inspection is just a click away! Get your roof inspected today.
RoofClaim is not a licensed public adjuster under section 626.854, Florida Statutes and does not provide services as a public adjuster for insurance claims.