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You deserve to have your roof repaired quickly and with the confidence that it was done with guaranteed quality.  Schedule your roof inspection now and we will get the process started.  Our industry partnerships give us access to premium materials and the expert contractors necessary to get your roof repaired timely reliability.  Our “Million Dollar” guarantee is unmatched in the industry and means we will stand by our work.

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At, we specialize in assisting both residential and commercial customers who need storm restoration, roof repair, and roof replacement. We have a vast state-wide network of roofing contractors, Realtors, and insurance professionals with a high level of expertise in roofing. Louisiana customers who call are matched with the best professionals for their project, and all of the work is backed by our Million-Dollar Guarantee. We’ve handled more than 70,000 claims for repair and replacement roofing, so Louisiana residents know they can count on our full-service company to make their project easier. Call today to be matched with highly skilled LA roofing contractors near you!

Streamlined Customer Experience

We know that it can be daunting to take on all of the complicated aspects of repairing or replacing their roofing. Louisiana customers who choose can sit back and let us step in to handle much of the legwork involved with their roofing project. Whether this is a storm restoration project, some other type of damage has occurred, or you know it’s time for a roof replacement, we can connect you with the best Louisiana roofing contractors for the job. Our process is streamlined and designed to be transparent, so you’ll know what’s going on throughout your project. Whether you want notifications at each step of the process or only for the major ones, you can receive text messages or emails with updates.

The Process

Convenience and great service are the cornerstones of our process. There’s no need to meet or deal with any roofing companies; Louisiana customers can just call to schedule a roof inspection with We have two options for inspections: You can choose a drone report with a quick turnaround time, or you can opt for a budget-friendly Quick Quote that uses satellite imagery to inspect your roof. Either way, you won’t have to be home or talk to an agent with our convenient roof inspections.

After the inspection, customers receive a report outlining the condition of the roof and the recommendations for resolving all issues. The bottom line is that don’t need to look any further because we have the skills and experience to work on your roof. Our AI solutions are ideal for matching the right expert to the right roofing project every time. Once the project is done, you’ll receive a manufacturer’s warranty for the roofing product, and the work will be backed by our Million-Dollar Guarantee.

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When it’s time for roof repair, Louisiana customers have an easy option at their fingertips: Just call or use our online chat to speak with a knowledgeable representative and get answers to your questions. Whatever type of roofing material you have, whether it’s shingles, tile, or metal, we can help you diagnose any issues, give you a thorough inspection, and match you with the right roofing contractors. Louisiana experts are waiting to work with you: Call today!

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