When a hurricane bears down on residential buildings, it can cause severe damage to every home in its path. Roof damage after a hurricane because of heavy rain and strong winds can make your home uncomfortable or even uninhabitable until it’s repaired. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, RoofClaim.com can help make the process of getting your roof fixed as easy as possible with our advanced technology, wealth of experience, and nationwide network of expert contractors.

What to Do When Your Home Sustains Hurricane Damage

If you live in an area that could potentially experience a hurricane, it’s a good idea to be prepared by learning what to do both before and after the storm. Once a hurricane has passed, here’s what to do next:

  • When you first arrive at your house after the hurricane has left the area, it’s important that you take photos of any damage that has been sustained to your home before you do anything else. Taking photos of your hurricane roof damage for insurance purposes can help provide a visual of what kind of damage needs to be addressed.
  • Keep an eye out for outdoor hazards. Your home isn’t the only thing that may have sustained damage; trees on your property and power lines could also be affected by strong winds and heavy rain. Dangling power lines and broken tree limbs should be reported to the proper authorities to ensure that nobody is injured.
  • If your home suffered flooding, try to avoid contact with the floodwater, as it may contain harmful contaminants or debris. If possible, pump the water out, then dry out the space as quickly as possible while wearing protective gear. The sooner the water is out of your home, the more likely you are to avoid mold growth in those areas.
  • Complete as many temporary repairs as possible to prevent additional damage. Contact your insurance company about the repairs that are much larger and harder to do on your own.
  • Don’t turn on your utilities until it is deemed safe. Electric or gas appliances have a high risk of causing electrical shocks or fires if they are turned on while they are still wet.

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Roof Damage From a Hurricane?

If you have homeowners’ insurance and you’ve experienced hurricane roof damage, an insurance claim can help with the cost of repairs. Severe storm damage is typically considered to be an “act of God” under your insurance policy. However, check your policy carefully, as some insurers exclude hurricane damage or limit coverage for policies in hurricane-prone areas. Also, note that damage caused by flooding is usually excluded from a standard homeowners’ policy; you’ll need additional flood insurance to cover that.

If your roof has suffered hurricane damage, it’s important to file your claim as quickly as you can; if you fail to do so, your insurance company may deem you ineligible for coverage.

If you’re wondering, “Does my homeowners’ insurance cover roof damage from a hurricane?” or if you have any other questions about the damage to your roof and how to get it fixed, let the experts at RoofClaim.com help. Get Started today with a free inspection or contact us via our convenient online chat.