Your roof is an important barrier to the naturally occurring elements outside., keeping your home and family safe all year round. It’s important to keep your roof clean and perform regular roof maintenance and repair to keep it strong and safe for years to come. You can certainly call in a professional to handle roof preventative maintenance for you, but some of these tasks are things you may be able to handle on your own. For the rest, can match you with expert roof maintenance contractors in your area who can help keep your roof in great shape.

Roof Preventative Maintenance Tasks

Roof repair and maintenance consists of a variety of jobs, and quite a few of these don’t even require you to get up on the roof! When performing maintenance, a good first step is checking the inside of your home for damage. If you see signs of stains or mold, these are indicators that some parts of your roof may not be in good shape and it’s started to affect the interior of your home.

On the outside of your home, try to do the following at least twice a year:

  • Clean out your gutters. When they get clogged with leaves, water can pool on your roof, which can lead to rotting, and in the winter, your roof could be vulnerable to damage from ice dams.
  • Trim the trees around your home so that if a severe storm knocks the branches down, they will not hit your roof and cause unnecessary damage.
  • Stand on the ground and look up at your roof. If you notice areas of your roof where there are broken or cPOSTing shingles or even missing ones, it’s important to get that under control before it leads to serious leaks in your home.
  • Reseal and caulk the parts of your roof that are particularly vulnerable, such as chimneys, vents, pipes, and skylights. Resealing them can help to prevent leaks in these areas.

When to Get a Roof Inspection

Even with regular roof repair and maintenance, it’s always a good idea to call an inspector to come by to perform a routine roof inspection. Fall and spring are the best times to get an inspection: In the fall, you can be sure to take care of small problems before winter creates the need for more expensive repairs, and in the spring, the rough winter weather is over, with so an inspector can spot any winter damage before it gets worse. No matter what time of year you choose to have an inspection done, though, can make it as convenient as possible, thanks to our drone-powered inspections. You won’t even need to be home to get a full report on your roof’s condition!

Let’s Network of Roof Maintenance Contractors Help You

If you need professional roof maintenance, can help. Our nationwide team of experts is skilled in a variety of roofing procedures, and after you set up a convenient inspection of your residential or commercial property, we’ll use our AI-powered technology to match you with a skilled local contractor in our nationwide network who can take care of your needs.

If you have questions about how our team can help you with roofing and maintenance tasks. Get Started today with a free inspection or contact us via our convenient online chat.