The old way of completing a roof inspection involved having a professional climb on a ladder to visually inspect the roof. With a drone, a professional can watch from the ground as a drone flies over the roof, takes photos and videos, and sends information back to the operator.

A roof inspection may be needed after a storm, fire or other insurable event if the homeowner wants to file a claim. It may also be needed if a homeowner is considering roof repairs or replacement. These inspections are also often used to evaluate real estate, as part of basic maintenance and to get a roof ready for solar panels or other major work.

In all cases, the inspection determines the condition of the roof, pinpoints any damage and helps professionals evaluate whether repairs (and what kind) are needed.

Unlike an inspection of the interior of the house, roof repairs can be a challenge because they require access to a tall, exterior part of the house. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), are essentially flying electronic devices that can be operated from the ground. They can be equipped with cameras, and since they can fly above any roof, they can be used for roof inspections.

Is a Drone Roof Inspection Safer?

One of the advantages of a drone roof inspection is safety. If a homeowner wants to climb onto a ladder to check the roof, a fall can cause serious and even fatal injuries. Even leaving inspections to professionals is not without risk. If a professional inspector climbs on a ladder, he or she can fall as well, or sustain injury, despite their greater experience and training with inspections.

With a drone, no one is working at heights. Nobody needs to climb up on the roof to reach hard-to-see areas. There is also no contact with the roof and no one touching the roof, so there is very minimal risk the drone inspection will cause additional damage.

Is a Drone Roof Inspection Better?

A drone roof inspection offers many benefits:

  • They are efficient: A drone can complete multiple inspections daily, many more than a human inspector. This can mean less waiting time for customers who need an inspection and more flexibility in services, too, since there is no waiting for a representative.
  • They result in more detail: A drone inspection report is provided at the end of every drone inspection, and the quality of the inspection itself is quite high. The drone can capture detailed, close-up and steady videos and photos of every section of the roof, take detailed measurements and more. A drone can capture every detail of every shingle, hip, gable and more.
  • They can accomplish what traditional inspections may not: Some parts of a roof, such as recessed sections and overhangs, are hard for human inspectors to see clearly. A drone can easily fly into these areas while avoiding obstacles, allowing for a thorough mapping of every inch of the roof. A drone with GPS can also pinpoint the precise location of damage or an area of concern.
  • They create less hassle for homeowners: With a human inspection, ladders, harnesses, measuring equipment, personnel, cameras and more equipment is needed. With a drone roof inspection, usually only one person and a drone are required. Not only does it take less time, but there is also less bustle around the house for the homeowner to contend with.
  • They reduce human error: Drones can capture the measurements of a roof in real-time and transmit the information into a report. There is less risk of blurry photos or incorrectly measured or entered data. The result is an accurate, high-quality roof inspection report.

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