When you are renovating your roof, you and your contractor will go over the type of roof shingles you think will fit your home best. No matter which kind you choose, typically, the manufacturer will include a roof shingle warranty. Years of coverage are provided for the product you buy to ensure that your roof will be a durable structure for decades to come. At RoofClaim.com, we’re experts on roof repair and replacement, and we can help you to understand everything you need to know, including the warranty on your shingles.

What Is the Warranty on Roof Shingles?

The warranty on the shingles used in your roof replacement varies depending on the material you chose to use for your shingles as well as the company that manufactured them. On average, the manufacturer’s roof shingle warranty has years of protections in place to protect you in case of defects in materials. For most warranties, you have 20 years or more of coverage on your roof shingles; if you notice your materials disintegrating or breaking down faster than they should, then you are well within your rights to call the manufacturer and make a claim. However, keep in mind that the warranty on your roof shingles will not cover damage caused by severe weather or human error.

Roof Shingle Warranty Comparison

There are three levels of warranty types. The first level is the basic coverage that you automatically get when you purchase your shingles. This level covers serious defects such as material disintegration and breaking down. This type of warranty may have a variety of standards and conditions that your roof needs to meet for it to be honored.

The second level usually has the same coverage as the first level does, but it also includes labor. This type of warranty is only achievable if your contractor is certified by the manufacturer to install those shingles.

The final level of coverage encompasses everything in the first two levels, but the warranty lasts for a longer period of time.

When you’re doing a roof shingle warranty comparison, keep in mind what kind of warranty is being offered on the types of shingles you’re buying. It can be tempting to go with a warranty that lasts as long as 50 years, but if it only offers to pay for the cost of replacing defective shingles, a shorter warranty that offers to pay for both the shingles and the cost of labor may be a better option. If you have any questions about the type of warranty you should look at when buying new roof shingles for your home, it’s always best to talk to your contractor: They’ve had years of experience with multiple companies and understand each kind of warranty offered.

RoofClaim.com Can Help You Every Step of the Way

When you work with RoofClaim.com, you not only get an expert contractor, but you also get an entire team of people who have years of experience working with homes and roofs. Our experts can help you find the best roof shingle warranty for your needs so you know that the materials are of the highest quality. When you get work done through us, you will receive a packet that contains the necessary information about the warranties for your roof shingles as well as information to point you in the right direction for any questions about roof shingles or warranty claims that you may have.

If you have a question that isn’t answered in the warranty packet or you’re thinking about starting your roof replacement. Get Started today with a free inspection or contact us via our convenient online chat.

Our goal is to make the process of roof replacement easy and convenient for you every step of the way!